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Tour & Itinerary

Tour & Itinerary

Bhutan - a heavenly abode in the heart of the vast Himalayas, but little known to the outside world, being wedged in between giant neighbours and secluded by some of the world's high mountain ranges.

Bhutan is said to be the last paradise on Earth. It reflects age old religion, culture, arts & architecture in its golden peaks and in the background of deep green valleys and hillsides, the vivid blue of the rivers and the sky, the white of the snow above the brown - gold alpine pastures speaking a serene language of silence - an integral part of Himalayan Buddhism for tradition and worship enabling the believers to reach closer to the goal of Enlightenment.

Now Friendship Trek Ltd can make your Bhutan dreams come true through its exciting but affordable packages. We also offer varieties of programmes to suit various interests such as culture, history, nature, wildlife, bird watching, treks & expeditions both for groups & individuals. Our packages are as follows.

For traveling to Bhutan all visitors must have approved visa prior to arriving in Bhutan. All visa application must reach the Thimphu office of BTCL , P.O Box 159, Thimphu Bhutan at least 60 days prior to your intended visit. The application should be even earlier if you are travelling in the peak month of September, October, November, March, April or early May. For accommodation, tourists to Bhutan can enjoy hotels from Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd. There is other various luxury hotels too that you can book through various tour operators and also on your own.

Bhutan travel can give you the pleasure and satisfaction that one can dream have and the tour can be taken care of with a small budget too. Trekking, one of the many other things that you can do in Bhutan is a rare adventure. Trekking will take you through wonderful landscapes, sheer falls, rich flora and fauna, and the most hospitable people you will ever come across. You will fall in love with the beauty of Himalayan and the landscape of Bhutan, its natural beauty and most importantly the warmth of love from the local people there.

This is a country that is waiting for you to explore. So include 'Travel to Bhutan' in your list of places to visit today! This is one vacation you will never regret and carry the memory the rest of your life!

Cut off for centuries from its neighbors due to its inaccessibility, a visit to Bhutan is much like a journey backwards through time, to a mystical place untouched by the ravages of mankind's progress.... the Last Shangri-La.

The Bhutanese calendar is marked by many 'Tsechus' or festivals, eagerly awaited events made special with vivid and colorful masked dances, folk dances and religious allegorical plays, set in the cobbled courtyards of the numerous Dzongs and in this ancient and traditional land, it seems fitting that archery is still the national sport.