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Chitwan National Park

1 Nights to 4 days
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Jungle Safari in Chitwan

The Chitwan National Park offers a wilderness of rich ecosystem that includes mammals, bird’s reptiles and water animals of several kinds. It is little surprising therefore that this is one of the most popular and most frequented parts of the country.

Owing to its rich adornment of nature the park was declared UNESCO Natural Heritage Site in 1984. The park that includes in its area a part of the Churiya Hills is covered with deciduous forests overlooking the floodplains of Narayani, Rapti and Reu rivers. There are around 600 plants species, 50 mammals, 526 birds and 49 amphibians, reptiles found in the park. The highlights, of course, are the 500 Asian one-horned rhinoceros and some 100 nocturnal Royal Bengal tiger that live in the dense forests of the park. Sharing home with these are other animals like rhesus monkey, gray lungur, deer, leopards, white stockinged gaur, wild boar, wild dogs and wild cats.

Elephant Ride:

This is the most exciting way to seethe jungle. We will take you on elephant back to view wild animals in their natural habitat. This ride provides the best vantage point for observing the wild life of the area. From the elephants back you will be able to observe the single – horned Indian rhinoceros, dear, stag and with lick, catch a rare glimpse of the tiger leopard.

Jungle WalkingJungle Walk:

you can enjoy a natural walk in the jungle in safety accompanied by our well trained naturalist who will interrupt the hidden secrets of the land as you walk through ancient groves or perch in a strategically located watch tower (Machan) to observe animals grazing, drinking at pools, or resting in the bushes.

Jungle Drive:

You can have the unique experience of driving jeep in to the jungle. We will take you across the river in to the jungle in four wheels drive vehicles. This way we can go deeper into the jungle and have more frequent sightings of the parks unique animals.
Canoeing: A typical hand-made dugout canoe will take you a ride on the great Rapti river where you can see gharials and crocodiles basking in the sun and enjoy watching many colorful birds.
Village Visit: For the villages walk you will be accompanied by an expert naturalist who knows the area well. This way you will gain insight the indigenous Tharus, the ancient native people of the Chitwan jungle.

Tharu Cultural ProgramCultural Program:

A cultural program performed by the Tharus will be as other highlight of your stay. After a delicious buffet dinner we entertain you with stick dances and folk songs and give you an opportunity to dance with the native people.

Bird watching:

Birds lovers will have a wonderful opportunity to see many species of birds here. There are more than 500 species of birds in the Park that can be seen in many exciting location river, grassland and the forests. Our bird experts can take you to the appropriate bird watching sites where you could see a wide variety from a safe view point.

Elephant Bathing Elephant Bath:

It is a unique experience to take a bath with an elephant in the Rapti River ! You might even find yourself taking a surprise shower from an elephant's trunk while you are riding on its back.

Inside National Park

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Outside National Park

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Trip Facts

Trip Facts
Duration 1 Nights to 4 days
Best time to travel January to December
Trip Grade Easy

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