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Rafting Equipments

Rafting Equipments

Whitewater rivers have an internationally recognized grading scale is as follows 

Grade I Flat water, (little current)
Grade II Bubbling current (small rapid)
Grade III Technical & Exciting (needs trained guide)
Grade IV Seriously big rapids
Grade V The hair-raising limit!
Grade VI Unburnable


The best Himalayan White Water Guides:

We have far more then our share of the very best. They are native of Nepal with the occasional western guest guide who can make a valuable international contribution. With a minimum of 5 years training, these Sherpas of the river have extra ordinary experience and local knowledge that is second to none.

The importance of quality equipments:

Properly used is second only to guiding experience. Therefore the following is supplied:

Tough, hyper Lon, Self –Balling design proven on river up to grade V+ Never less then two rafts. Not overloaded with gear, 16 foot rafts usually with seven people not more then eight (8) paddlers.

Most Necessary things:

Life Jackets:
Of the maximum international buoyancy standard, fully adjustable for precision fit.

Proper designated white water heads gear, each raft differentiated by the color of helmets.

Strong, light weight aluminums/ plastic (a lot less tiring and cumbersome then heavy wooden ones)


White water rafting is a hungry work. Thus your outdoor appetite needs good food, lots of it hygienically prepared, varied manus and the inspired cooking of the guides. Even on river trips of 7, 8 or 9 days the quality, quantity and variety of meals is excellent.


Road Safety: 
The fact is that, (perhaps as in most part of the developing worlds) a badly driven vehicle would be far less safe then a well – guided raft. Our rafting expeditions use our own private transport; will driven and steering clear of driving at night.

Clothing and equipment accessories you need

  • Sweater, fiber pile or fleece jacket
  • Warm pant or fleece pant
  • A few T-shirt and pair of shorts
  • A towel, pear of sandals or strong laced up shoes
  • Sun glasses, personal toiletries, sun cream
  • Water bottle, torch, batteries
  • Sleeping bag
  • Personal reading/writing materials, etc.
    (In reasonable amount)