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Nepal at a Glance!

Nepal is one of the unique countries in terms of biodiversity, in terms of ethnic and cultural diversity and in terms of geographical diversity. Abundance flora and fauna are scattered in its most protected national parks and wildlife reserves. One horned Rhino, Royal Bangle tiger, an expensive herbs Yachargumba etc are found in Nepal. This small country within the frame of just 800X150 KM has world’s highest point Mt. Everest including other 7 highest mountains among 14 of the world.

You might be thinking that Nepal has only mountain, but it is not true. The southern part of Nepal which is called terai - plain has dense tropical forests in the altitude of just 150 meter from the sea level. This fact proves that Nepal has amazingly varied landscapes which provide diversities in all aspects from vegetation to people’s life style.

Apart from Natural diversities, Nepal is also famous for artworks and paintings. The art crafted in wood, metals and stone in many temples and monuments reflects the thousands of years old culture, history and civilization. Three cities in the Kathmandu valley namely: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan (Lalitpur) are very much rich in artworks. Kathmandu Darbur Square, Bhaktapur Darbur Square and Patan Darbur Square are the galleries of such artworks. Apart from this; Thanka painting which depicts various facets of life are very popular among the people from all around the world.

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