Kailash Mansarovar Via Helicopter

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Trip Duration 10
Max Altitude 5,636M at Dolma La Pass
Group Size 2-30
Best Time for Visit May to December

Trip Overview


The Kailash Mansarovar trip via helicopter in 2024 offers a unique and breathtaking pilgrimage experience to one of the most sacred destinations for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Tibetans. Situated in the remote Tibetan plateau, the majestic Mount Kailash and the serene Lake Mansarovar are also believed to hold immense spiritual significance and are revered by millions. The journey begins in Kathmandu, Nepal, where participants gather before embarking on a memorable adventure. Helicopters take off from Kathmandu and fly over the awe-inspiring Himalayan range, providing awe-inspiring aerial views of snow-capped peaks, deep valleys, and ancient monasteries nestled in the mountains. Upon reaching the destination, pilgrims have the rare opportunity to perform the sacred Kailash Parikrama. This involves circumambulating Mount Kailash on foot, a journey also believed to wash away sins and bestow divine blessings. The trek is challenging yet deeply rewarding as travelers connect with nature and immerse themselves in spiritual introspection. Devotees also engage in meditative practices on the banks of  Lake Manasarovar, known for its crystal-clear waters reflecting the mighty mountain's image. The lake's spiritual significance lies in the belief that its waters cleanse the soul and grant eternal peace. Throughout the trip, experienced guides and facilitators ensure the safety and comfort of pilgrims. They share insightful knowledge about the region's rich cultural heritage and religious significance, adding depth to the spiritual experience. Additionally, participants get glimpses of local Tibetan culture and hospitality during visits to nearby villages and monasteries. The trip also allows them to interact with fellow pilgrims from various countries, fostering a sense of unity and harmony.

Conclusion and Summary

As the journey comes to a close, travelers return to Kathmandu filled with a sense of spiritual rejuvenation and a deeper understanding of the profound spiritual heritage associated with Kailash Mansarovar. The memories of the serene landscapes, the camaraderie among fellow pilgrims, and the experience of connecting with the divine in the Himalayan wilderness linger for a lifetime, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and souls. The Kailash Mansarovar trip via helicopter in 2023 offers an unforgettable adventure that combines nature's grandeur with spiritual exploration, creating an unparalleled experience of a lifetime.

 Trip Highlight

  • Sightseeing of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley.
  • Greatest Spiritual Significance to both Hinduism and Buddhism and Other Religion
  • Regular flight from KathmanduNepalgunj, Nepalgunj– Simikot and Chartered helicopter flight to Tibet boarder (Same way back)
  • Restricted Mountaineering in Tibet
  • Tibet Connects north of the western trijunction of the borders of China, India, and Nepal.
  • Explore views of Tibet through Helicopter Flight
  • Magnificient Views of Golden Kailash Mountain when sunlight appears at the Daytime and at time of Sunset.
  • Explore Mount Kailash: The residing place of Lord Shiva
  • Visit Milarepa Cave at the base of Mount Kailash said to have Tibetan Buddhist Saint and Poet Meditated
  • 3 days long (39 km) walking/trekking around Mt. Kailash Parikrama (option: can take horse )
  • Holy Lake Mansarovar Parikrama by Driving
  • Pooja at the bank of Lake Mansarovar
  • Four Great Asian Rivers like  Indus, the Sutlej, the Brahmaputra, and the Karnali (a tributary of the Ganges, fed by Mabja Zangbo) sources of Tibet.
  • A Shiva-linga-shaped Mt. Kailash from the Northern Face
  • For the Buddhist, Mount Kailash is the earthly manifestation of Mt. Meru
  • Close up View of Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal.
  • Take a Trip to Mansarovar Parikrama
  • Trekking tour to Diraphuk that will last for about 7 hours
  • Kailash – Mansarovar journey with passing the Dolma-La Pass
  • Visit to Gaurikund and Darchen during Kailash Parikrama.


Arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport. Be received by our staff that will help in assisting you to get transferred to the hotel. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu with BB Plan.

Meals included: Veg Dinner at the hotel
Max. Elevation: 1400m
Distance Covered: 10kms
Accommodation Style: 4* hotel sharing basis

Start your day with breakfast at your hotel and then visit the renowned Pashupatinath Temple followed by a visit to Jal Narayan Temple and Guheshwari Temple. Later our representative will transfer the group to Kathmandu domestic airport terminal for boarding your flight to Nepalgunj. After one hour flight arrive at Nepalgunj and board a bus for taking you to your pre-booked hotel. In the evening a short briefing session shall be organized for the group where our Kailash Yatra guide and expert will share their experiences with you and will answer to your queries related to Kailash Mansarovar travel. Dinner and night stay will be at the hotel in Nepalgunj.

Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,
Max. Elevation: 152m
Distance Covered: 522 kms / 01 hour by flight
Accommodation Style: 4* equivalent hotel twin/triple sharing basis

The morning flight between Nepalgunj to Simikot is a very complicated part of this trip as the operation of those small aircrafts completely depends on the weather conditions. The weather keeps changing very frequently on this route and it sometimes causes short or long delay in flight operation to and from Simikot. We shall reach Nepalgunj airport early in the morning as directed by the local guide to ensure that we can board the earliest possible flight to Simikot. As this 45 minutes flight lands the small airport of Simikot you will see our representative waiting for you to take you to the guesthouse booked for you. Our representative will coordinate with the airline for your check-in luggage and will ensure delivery of your luggage to your place of stay at Simikot. Rest of the time will be free at Simikot to acclimatize with the weather conditions.

Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,
Max. Elevation: 2910m,
Distance Covered: 297 kms by flight / 45 minutes,
Accommodation Style: Guesthouse (or 4* equivalent hotel if at Taklakot) sharing basis

Accomodation: Purang Himalaya Hotel

Take early breakfast (or packed snacks) and reach Simikot airport to board your Helicopter to Hilsa. At Hilsa we have to walk through the swinging bridge to cross the river and reach the other side where we will be completing formalities at Nepal immigration. Then we cross the border by walk and board our Chinese bus which takes us to China immigration office situated just 5 minute drive away. A short 22 kms drive will take you to your hotel at Taklakot. Before reaching Taklakot we have to again go through customs check at Burang custom office. After a tiring day you have reached to Taklakot situated at a height of 4755 meters. If you suffer feel breathlessness or any other symptoms of high altitude sickness, please do not panic and contact our tour guide for seeking his suggestions. Health issues related to high altitude sickness are quite common here. Please eat properly, drink good amount of water, juices and other healthy drinks, follow the instructions of you guide and do not expose yourself to strong wind. Spend time in the hotel while acclimatizing. Dinner and stay will be in the hotel at Taklakot.

Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,
Max. Elevation: 4755m,
Distance Covered: 25 mins by helicopter Nepal side + 22 kms drive China side,
Accommodation Style: 4* equivalent hotel at Taklakot (or lodge, if stay at Hilsa)

Accomodation: Purang Himalaya Hotel

This day is scheduled to be free at Taklakot (Burang) to acclimatize. Do nothing beside rest at Taklakot and stay at your hotel. For some short walk you may also go outside to visit nearby markets. If someone wish to buy stick, gloves, cap/hat, shoes, empty water bottles, fruits or other stuff like this for the trip, Taklakot market has few shops available. The shops get close by the time it gets dark, therefore if you want to visit the market, please organize your schedule accordingly.

Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,
Max. Elevation: 4025m,
Distance Covered: 0km,
Accommodation Style: 4* equivalent hotel

We have very important day today as we are heading to the holiest place at Lake Manasarovar. After breakfast start drive in the bus to Lake Mansarovar. Approx one and a half hours drive through beautiful mountains and terrains will bring you to Lake Rakshas Taal which is situated just near to Lake Mansarovar. Rakashs Taal is also known as the ‘Lake of Demons’ or ‘Ravan Taal’. From here you will get the glimpse of Mount Kailash standing tall and strong among the other nearby mountains. We will stop here at Rakshas Taal to capture the beauty of nature in our eyes and camera and then again head to Lake Mansarovar. A short drive brings us to Chui Gompa, our destination for the night near Lake Mansarovar. Rest of the time free to explore the beautiful Mansarovar Lake, taking holy bath, performing rituals and prayers on the bank of the river and other personal activities. We shall organize for a shower tent for the ladies on the bank of the lake. You may find a good place near the lake for puja/havan and performing rituals as per your customs. Meals and stay will be at the guesthouse.

Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,
Max. Elevation: 4590m,
Distance Covered: 70 kms to Chui Gompa + 90 kms parikrama of Mansarovar by bus,
Accommodation Style: Basic guesthouse with multi sharing room

Today morning, we will wake up early freshen up and take drive to Darchen which is just 35 kms away from Chiu Gompa. Darchen is the major administrative hub of Kailash region with basic development in infrastructure and facility and also considered as the base camp of Mt. Kailash from where the circumambulation (parikrama) around Mt. Kailash begins. Don’t forget to fill your bottle with hot water and carry your snacks packet made available by our crew in the morning. All pilgrims have opportunity to pass through Yama Dwar before the trek commences. After visiting Yam Dwar continue trekking on foot or hire a horse/pony to ride. (those who wish to hire horse/pony and porter may do it directly with the help of the Tibetan guide on direct payment basis. They will be given name coupon to choose the horse & porter and the same horse or porter will accompany you throughout the trek). After completing the 12 kms gradual trek, passing through beautiful rivers and grassland you will find a huge majestic black colour mountain standing high, on the right side of your trek. This is the North Face of Mount Kailash. Don’t miss to take some photographs and selfie and capture this great sight in your eyes and camera. On reaching Dirapuk check into the guesthouse where stay and dinner is organized for this night. The night is going to be very cold and oxygen level will be low, therefore it is advisable that you take rest as much as possible to maintain good health for next day trek.

Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Packed Lunch/snacks, Light Dinner,
Max. Elevation: 5210m,
Distance Covered: 35 kms drive + 12 kms trekking,
Accommodation Style: Guesthouse on sharing basis

Wake up very early morning before dawn and if the weather is clear don’t miss to witness the glory of ‘Golden Kailash’ as the first sunlight kisses the top of the mount. After this unforgettable experience now time to move ahead and start our trek to Zuthulpuk. The 22 kms long trek is the longest and toughest day of the entire Yatra as you will have to pass through the highest point (5630m) at Dolma La pass. On the way before Dolma La you will see site showing footprints of Milarepa and Shiva Tsal (The place where pilgrims leave behind their belongings, donate a drop of blood or a lock of hair to represent the act of leaving this life behind and wishing for the end of a miserable life. In Tibetan Buddhist religion it is said that you will get it (whatever you offered here at Shiva Tsal) in heaven after your death. Continue to climb up towards Dolma-La pass (5630m) and then steep down to reach Gauri Kund. We should cross the high pass as early as possible before strong wind starts.

After crossing Dolma-La, you will see Gauri Kund (also referred sometimes as Parvati Kund) at downhill in the right side of your path. Then further walking down for a while, we will take break for pack lunch near a tea stall. The downhill trail from the top of Dolma La is not easy due to rocky & loose stones all around so we should walk very carefully and remain with the group for any help we may need. Then after, you will catch soon flat trail that reach to Zuthulphuk Gompa (4790m). In Zuthulphuk, we will stay at the lodge or fixed tent with bed, bed sheet & warm blanket. We will take quick dinner at and go to warm bed to relax.

Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,Max. Elevation: 5630m,Distance Covered: 22 kms trekking,Accommodation Style: Basic Guesthouse on sharing basis

Breakfast will be served near the guesthouse/camp and one can enjoy the morning time in exploring the caves, visiting the temples and shrine built around. Here you will see a married old couple supervising the temple. The temple is a residence for over half a dozen Tibetan devotees, helpers or relatives who keep themselves busy with the maintenance of the buildings. The cave also contains meditation platforms. Climbing up to these caves before ending the final trek of the holy Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is worth. We will trek for about 06 kms from Zuthulpuk and reach Chongdo where our vehicles are waiting for pick-up. Further 06 kms drive will take us to Darchen hotel where other group members (who did not attempted the trek or came back from Dirapuk) are waiting. Continue drive to Taklakot for night stay.

Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,
Max. Elevation: 4575m,
Distance Covered: 110 kms 02 hours’ drive,
Accommodation Style: 4* equivalent hotel

After early breakfast 45 kms drive towards China-Nepal border. Cross the border by walk and after completing immigration formalities reach Hilsa, Nepal side. Take 25 minutes helicopter flight to Simikot and then connect with flight to Nepalgunj. On reaching Nepalgunj get a connecting flight to Kathmandu

Optional Trip: The air sectors Hilsa-Simikot-Nepalgunj is very complicated and totally weather permitted. Delay or rescheduling or interruption in flights on this sector is a well- known problem of this route. If, due to climatic conditions, shortage or rescheduling of flights or any other reason, you get stuck at Hilsa or Simikot please note that you will get to stay in small guesthouses with common washroom/toilet facilities. Inn the event of long delay you may even have to survive on natural water, limited food and limited living facilities. Health issue, especially with old age people are quite possible, therefore it is advisable to stay with the group so that help may reach you in the event of necessity.

Additional night stay at Hilsa/Simikot/Nepalgunj on return are not paid or included in the above tour package and if need occur, additional stay and food will be payable directly by the travelers to Nepalese leader. There is no refund or adjustment possible for any unutilized stay, food or any other service. We provide first aid facilities but all other additional medical expenses in the event of hospitalization and/or emergency evacuation charges are to be paid by the pilgrim/traveler only.

Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,
Max. Elevation: 3640m (Hilsa), 2910m (Simikot), 152m (Nepalgunj), 1400m (Kathmandu),
Distance Covered: 1.30 hour drive + 25min helicopter + 45min flights + 1 hr flight,
Accommodation Style: Basic guesthouse

Intime you will be transferred to Kathmandu Tribhuvan International airport to board your flight back to your hotel/next destination. (We always recommend that the travellers should book their outbound flight from Kathmandu to home with a days or two in hand to overcome the situation of unwanted delays in the trip.)

Meals included: Veg Breakfast

Departures & Availability

The set departure dates listed are specially quoted and specified for group joining option. Let us know if the set departure dates are not suitable for you- another dates which are suitable for you can certainly be added by us.

Check Available Dates
Start Date Price Availability

Kailash Mansarovar Via Helicopter

16/09/2023 - 23/09/2023
Startin from
$ 2000
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All trip prices are per person based on double occupancy, are subject to change without notice and do not include airfare. All prices and fares are quoted in U.S. dollars.

Price include

Nepal portion of the trip

  • 02 nights stay in 4 star hotel at Kathmandu,
  • Return airport transfers in Kathmandu with group,
  • Sightseeing tour of Kathmandu including Pashupatinath & Jal Narayan Temples,
  • Kathmandu–Nepalgunj–Kathmandu flight tickets in economy class,
  • 01 night stay in a 4 star equivalent hotel in Nepalgunj on sharing basis,
  • 01 lunch, 01 dinner and 01 breakfast in Nepalgunj hotel,
  • Nepalgunj to Simikot return air tickets in scheduled flights,
  • 01 night stay at Simikot or Hilsa in a guesthouse with all meals,
  • Simikot to Hilsa return helicopter flights on sharing basis,
  • Humla restricted area permit to fly from Simikot,
  • Nepal-China border tax,

Tibet portion of the trip

  • Return transfers from border to Taklakot hotel,
  • 02 + 01 night stay in a hotel at Taklakot with all meals,
  • 01 night stay in dormitory near Lake Manasarovar on sharing basis with meals,
  • 01 night stay at Dirapuk with all meals (Light food and snacks),
  • 01 night at Zuthulpukh with all meals (Light food and snacks),
  • Transportation in Tibet side Deluxe non air-conditioned bus,
  • Basic first aid kit with tour guide,
  • Oxygen cylinders during trekking in Tibet for emergency requirement,
  • English speaking Tibetan tour guide cum officer,
  • Nepalese chef with helper and sherpa crew,
  • Support van/truck to carry kitchen equipments and other material,
  • Necessary group permits for travelling to restricted areas in Tibet,
  • Normal Tibet single entry group visa to visit Kailash Manasarovar region,
  • Yak to carry kitchen and trekking equipment during parikrama,

Other Inclusions

  • English and Hindi speaking tour leader throughout,
  • 01 duffle bag, 01 backpack bag and 01 wind cheater or cap on complimentary basis,
  • Down Jacket on returnable basis (subject to availability),
  • Kailash Mansarovar Yatra completion certificate,
  • All Nepal and Tibet Govt taxes,

Price Excludes

Please check the list of extra expense that may have to be paid by the traveller for this trip:

  • Travel expense for travelling from home to Kathmandu and back,
  • Travel and medical insurance (kindly buy an insurance which is valid for high altitude travel and emergency evacuation expense),
  • Mule (Pony) and porter charges for Mount Kailash parikrama,
  • India Govt. GST (Goods and Service Tax),
  • TCS (Tax Collected at Source) 20% on total cost of the tour package (Valid for Indian residents from 01 Oct’2023),

List of other cost exclusions that may have to be taken care by travellers in extreme cases:

  • Additional hotel accommodation and meals for extra stay in the event of delay of the trip due to any unforeseen reason or changes,
  • Transport services for any additional sightseeing service which is not mentioned in the itinerary,
  • Emergency evacuation expenses,
  • Emergency medical expenses in the event of hospitalisation,
  • Extra expense for additional necessary permissions or visa splitting charges and all additional services in the event of change in tour plan by the traveller before or during the yatra,
  • Urgent visa fee if required,
  • All additional expense for returning early from the trip due to any personal reason,
  • Any and all additional expense or increase in cost of any trip item or service due to sudden hike in permit fee, visa charges, flight fares, hotel prices or price for other trip services by concerned authorities or flight companies or hotel owners or vendors etc. or due to any other reason or situation which is beyond our control,
  • Our services also does not include any other additional expense incurred before or during the trip due to any unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to, weather conditions, natural disaster, act of God, technical failure, flight delay or cancelation, delay by authorities in issuing permits or entry visa, strikes, riots, political closures, not opening of the borders due to lockdown situation or any other reason, war situation, and/or any other situation or circumstances which are beyond our control,
  • Any service/s which is not mentioned in our above ‘list of package cost inclusions’ does not fall under the liability of the Company and the same will be paid by the traveller only in advance or at the time of consuming the service, as may be the requirement of the case,
  • Any expenses of personal nature,

Gears And Equipment

Trip Information

Travel Insurance

Embark on your Mount Kailash pilgrimage worry-free with our recommended Mount Kailash Travel Insurance. Tailored for the unique challenges of this sacred journey, it provides coverage for trip disruptions, medical emergencies, and unforeseen events. Prioritize your safety and peace of mind as you explore the spiritual wonders of Mount Kailash with our specialized travel insurance.

Health Precaution

High altitudes pose challenges like lower oxygen levels, inducing symptoms such as headaches, nausea, lethargy, and breathlessness. These affect everyone, regardless of age or fitness. Acclimatization is crucial; avoid tranquilizers and antibiotics. Slow down activities, rest frequently, and reduce talking. Walk slowly, keep loads light, and observe silence with a smile. Consume liquids, avoid sudden exertion, and protect against cold. Don’t bathe in streams, protect against dust and sun, and follow experienced guides. Prioritize rest, hydration, and warm clothing during winter.

Communication and Network

Wi-Fi will be accessible in Kathmandu, but as we venture into the more secluded regions of Nepal, connectivity will be restricted. The tour guide will carry a satellite phone for emergency communication. Wi-Fi connection is more accessible in the Tibet region as well, while there are no such facilities in Mansarovar, and during the Parikrama.

Options for e-sims are widely available in supported devices for cellular data, while mainstream social media including WhatsApp and Facebook are prohibited in China. The use of VPNs may allow for seamless communication with family back home.

Weather and Climate

During May to September, temperatures in Nepal and Tibet range from 10 to 22°C during the day. Despite the moderate daytime temperatures, the intense sun at high altitudes can create a much warmer sensation. Nighttime temperatures may drop significantly, reaching as low as -5°C.

Precaution and High Altitude

As altitude increases, the body requires time to adapt to lower oxygen levels through a process known as acclimatization. Proper acclimatization is crucial for maintaining health and ensuring a comfortable journey at high altitudes. Most individuals are affected by the reduced oxygen levels at elevations exceeding 2,500 meters. Diamox (Acetazolamide) has proven to be highly effective in facilitating acclimatization and countering High Altitude Sickness. Further details will be provided closer to the journey.

Physical Fitness

Please consult your doctor and undergo a medical examination before embarking on the Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar yatra. Given the high altitudes, it is advisable to begin exercises such as walking, jogging, yoga, and breathing exercises at least a month prior to ensure a successful journey.

Packing and Equipment List

The Touch Kailash Team will be providing a Duffel Bag, a 25l Backpack, and a Down Jacket (on a refundable basis), upon your arrival in Kathmandu.


  • Carry a small waist pouch or document bag to organize essential documents:
  • Passport with photocopies
  • Photographs
  • Identity card
  • Diary for addresses and contacts
  • Ball pens with spare refills
  • Maps/Charts/Books
  • Travel cheques, credit cards & currency
  • Airline/Railway tickets/vouchers
  • Any other personal documents

Common Items:

  • Big bag for equipment
  • Small light trek bag
  • Water bottle/Thermos flask (1 liter)


  • Enough clothing for the entire journey, including trek suits, leisure wear, jogging trousers, T-shirts, polar fleece, shirts, salwar kameez, etc.
  • Wool socks, thick tights, wool monkey cap, scarves, warm light gloves
  • Wool/thermal long underwear
  • Rainwear (umbrella or raincoat)


  • Sports comfortable shoes/trainers (Nike, Adidas, etc.) with a spare pair
  • A pair of light slippers


  • Toiletries kit (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toilet rolls, towels, etc.)
  • Sunscreen lotion/cream
  • Facial tissues, wet wipes

Camping Items:

  • Torch/candle/matchbox/lighter/batteries
  • Knife
  • Plastic mug
  • Dusk masks/face masks

Personal & General Items:

  • Regular medicines
  • Dark sunglasses
  • Favorite food for energy (nuts, biscuits, powdered juice)
  • Kapoor/Vicks/Inhaler, etc.
  • Binoculars/Camera/extra batteries
  • Milk powder for tea

First Aid Kit:

  • Typical backpacking kit for minor injuries
  • Diamox/Aspirin/painkillers
  • Lip balm/Mustard oil/Vaseline
  • Plasters
  • TCP, salt, mint, Vicks for sore throats

Point to Remember during Kailash Mansarovar Yatra By Helicopter

  1. Accommodation in Tibet will be provided in a dormitory room OR in a double-bedded room (possibility only in Taklakot) depending on places & availability. We provide an attached bathroom only in Taklakot but the bathroom has no hot shower.
  2. During the Parikrama (Kora), we bring Yaks & Yak men to carry your luggage, food & equipment. The IPSC (Indian Pilgrimage Service Center) will provide Yaks for us. The ratio of Yak is two pilgrims = one Yak. If you require extra Yak to carry your luggage, you have to inform us at least 2 days in advance. The price depends on the flow of tourists. The more demand, the higher cost.
  3. 1 Yak handler will be provided for every 3 yaks.
  4. Depending on weather conditions and group size, we may provide fixed-wing aircraft between Nepalgunj and Simikot but between Simikot and Hilsa, there is no alternative other than Helicopter.
  5. We must land at Simikot for going through the immigration formalities of the Nepal government while going and coming back, both times.
  6. During the Parikrama (circumambulation) we prefer to provide the accommodation in Guesthouse. But the number of Guesthouses is limited. If the guesthouses are fully occupied, we provide camping accommodation. There is an alternative way other than sleeping in the Tent.
  7. On your request, we can arrange horses for riding on Parikrama (circumambulation), but you should book & confirm this at least 2 days in advance. The price of Horses depends on the time and the flow of tourists in the region. The higher demand, the bigger price. You can’t ride the Horse for the entire journey because the trail on the second day is quite rough and the Horse needs a break as well.
  8. The weather condition in the mountain (Simikot and Hilsa area) plays a vital role in this journey. So, due to the weather fact, the trip might be delayed to depart by one or two days in the beginning. Due to weather conditions sometimes you may not be able to make your flight at your scheduled time. So we recommend you keep one day additional while returning and please make sure your ticket is flexible to change your date.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra via Helicopter Route Map

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra via Helicopter


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Yun Lam
Yun Lam
Yun Lam November 13, 2019 Yun Lam very friendly and kind organizer, if you are looking for a trekking trip and you are too lazy to plan all the stuffs, Mr. Nima is who you are looking for