Ramdung Peak Climbing

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Ramdung Peak, located in the Rolwaling region of Nepal, offers an exhilarating climbing experience for adventurous mountaineers. Standing at an impressive altitude of 5,925 meters (19,436 feet), Ramdung Peak presents a thrilling challenge while providing stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Himalayan range. A climbing trip to this Peak is also a remarkable journey that combines technical climbing skills, awe-inspiring landscapes, and cultural immersion. The journey to Ramdung Peak begins with a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, followed by a trek through the picturesque Rolwaling Valley. This region is renowned for its pristine beauty, rich biodiversity, and unspoiled Sherpa villages. Along the trek, climbers also pass through dense forests, cross suspension bridges over roaring rivers, and traverse high mountain passes, all while soaking in the breathtaking vistas of snow-capped peaks. As climbers approach Ramdung Base Camp, they encounter a rugged and remote terrain that requires physical endurance and technical expertise. The ascent of Ramdung Peak involves challenging sections of ice, rock, and snow, demanding the use of mountaineering equipment like crampons, ice axes, and ropes. The climb also requires a high level of fitness and previous mountaineering experience. Reaching the summit of Ramdung Peak rewards climbers with a sense of achievement and awe-inspiring views. The panoramic vista encompasses the Rolwaling Valley, with its glacial lakes and cascading waterfalls, as well as the majestic peaks of Gauri Shankar, Melungtse, and Everest. Apart from the thrilling climbing experience, the Ramdung Peak expedition also provides an opportunity to immerse in the unique Sherpa culture. Throughout the journey, climbers encounter friendly locals, visit ancient monasteries, and gain insights into the Sherpa way of life.

Conclusion and Summary

In conclusion, a climbing trip to Ramdung Peak is a captivating adventure that combines technical mountaineering challenges with breathtaking natural beauty and cultural exploration. It offers an opportunity to test one's climbing skills, witness awe-inspiring landscapes, and engage with the vibrant Sherpa community. Scaling the heights of this Peak is an experience that will leave climbers with lasting memories and a profound sense of accomplishment.

Trip Highlights

  • Scenic Drive from Kathmandu to Gongar
  • Positioned at the very fascinating Rolwaling valley of Everest
  • Sightseeing of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley
  • Stunning views from Ramdung Peak 5928 meters in Rolwaling valley.
  • Trekking through lush jungles and beautiful hills.
  • Witness Beautiful Terrace Farming System in Beding Valley.
  • Witness Livestock Overgrazing Pasture Land in Nagaon.
  • Cross Suspension Bridges, lush green hills, forests, fast rivers and small tea shops during Trekking
  • Splendid summit panorama ranges from Langtang to Everest
  • Eyes will plough into the far-flung valley whilst endeavoring the peak.
  • Exploring amazing Sherpa villages at higher altitudes witnessing their lifestyles, traditions, and culture.
  • The beautiful monastery at Bugu Gumba.
  • The incredible waters of the Tsho Rolpa glacial lake.
  • Beautiful Star Gazing at Nighttime from Tsho Rolpa Lake
  • Glacial routes and high passes is tedious.
  • Get Amazing views of the surrounding glaciers like Yalung, Trakarding and Ramdung glaciers
  • Camp trekking in the lap of amazing Himalayas.
  • Grand views of Gaurishankar (7134m), Everest (8848m), Dorje Lakpa, Chobabhamre, Mt. Menlungtse and the Tibetan Himalayas.
  • Our proficient local Sherpa guide will support throughout of your expedition.
  • Crossing the Tashi Lapcha Pass 5755 meters (18876 ft).
  • The off beaten trails in the Rolwaling region
  • Witness the Varieties of Flora and Fauna Wildlife across the Trekking Route


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and Transfer to Hotel

Upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, our company representative will meet and welcome you to Nepal and then you’ll be transferred to your confirmed hotel. Once you finish the check-in procedure, you can rest & relax at the hotel. Later you will be accompained by the office staff for a short tour of Thamel to make you familiar with some good restaurants, ATMs, money changer and other necessary places you might need during your stay in Thamel.

Day 02: A full day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu valley, the capital city and Trek Preparation

The very next morning, After breakfast We spend a day preparing the final documents, gears & equipment check and so on. You can go for final shopping if something is missed before leaving out for the sightseeing of Kathmandu Valley.

At Afternoon, You will leave for a full day sightseeing tour around Kathmandu valley. You can visit the sacred Pashupatinath Temple and Swyambhunath, very ancient and essentially enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The biggest Buddhist Stupa at Boudhanath and the fine arts and historical architecture of Kathmandu Durbar Square reflecting the ancient Nepalese culture which is the highlights of our guided tour. A visit to Patan and Bhaktapur City will enchant you with its famous fine arts and historical architecture. On return to your hotel, you will have time to explore the local area, have dinner and perhaps take a leisurely stroll through the famous streets. Finally, day ends with a Authentic Nepalese Dinner in Nepali Cultural Restaurant.

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Gonghar (1,440m/4,723ft) and Trek to Simigaon (2000m/6,560ft) (Drive Duration: 6-7 hours)

We will move early in the morning to Gonghar as the highways in Nepal are infamous for its traffic and are often under repair due to rainfall and landslides. Our path will be crossed with lush green hills, forests, fast rivers and occasional glimpses of Himalayas. The trek to Simigaon runs through suspension bridges, thick jungles, and small tea shops. Overnight in Simigaon.

Day 04: Trek from Simigaon to Dongang (2,791m/8,918ftft) (Trek Duration: 6-7 hours)

As we move, we will be passing through a few Sherpa settlements and if we have the clear sunny day we will be blessed with an incredible view of Gaurishankar (7,134m) towering above the Rolwaling valley. The rocky trail passes through a wooded ridge followed by dense pine forests with plenty flora and fauna as we descend to Rolwaling river and reaching Dongang. Overnight in Dongang.

Day 05: Trek from Dongang to Beding (3,690m/12,103ft) (Trek Duration: 5-6 hours)

Ascending uphill through Rhododendron forests and keeping the Rolwaling River to our side, we move further up into the deep valleys of this region. With Gaurishankar (7134m) keeping us company, we will reach a flat terrain with terraced faming. Crossing this we will enter a beautiful Sherpa village called Beding situated right next to the river. Overnight in Beding.

Day 06: Rest and Acclimatization at Beding

We stay at Beding today to acclimatize. Acclimatizing is key for a successful trek and its importance cannot be stressed enough. We will make short treks around the region to view Gaurishankar (7134) and other peaks which are plenty in this region. We also get to closely observe the lifestyle of the inhabitants during the exploration. Overnight in Beding.

Day 07: Trek from Beding to Na Gaon(4,180m/13,710ft) (Trek Duration: 5-6 hours)

Going up next to the river the trek takes to explore the surrounding Yalung Glacier today. An open space this place has some livestock grazing in its fields and other flora and fauna can be witnessed too. With panoramic views of the mountains in front of us, we reach the Sherpa village of Na. It is also one of the oldest known settlements in this region of the country. Overnight in Na.

Day 08: Trek from Na Gaon to Camp I (Base Camp) [5,000m/16,400ft] (Trek Duration: 5-6 hours)

Walking on snow we will make our way to the Camp I which will take around 5 hours.  The trek offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and already makes you ecstatic with the thought of summiting the Ramdung Go Peak. Multiple tents can be seen here, thanks to other expeditions. We can also get views of the surrounding glaciers like Yalung, Trakarding and Ramdung glaciers. Overnight in Base Camp

Day 09: Trek from Base Camp (Camp I) to High Camp (Camp II) [(Ramding La) 5,665m/18,581ft] (Trek Duration: 4-5 hours)

We wake up early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise as the radiant light reflects on the white snowcapped mountains. We will trek past Ramding La pass (5665m) which offers enchanting views of the panoramic mountain ranges. As we reach the High camp (Camp II), excitement grows about the summit next day. We will also be briefed by the guides on the do and don’t on the climb to the peak.

Day 10: Summit (Ramdung Peak (5,930m/19,450ft) & back to Tsho Rolpa Lake (4,540m/14,891ft) and Then back to Base Camp (Trek Duration: 8-9 hours)

We have to start early today. It is our peak climbing day today. Early we start, it will be much easier. So, wake up before dawn, have your breakfast and begin the journey to the peak of Ramdung.

It will take us nearly 7 or 8 hours to reach the summit of Ramdung. You cannot expect the journey to be easy. You will be walking over the steep rocks on your way to the top. The walk is more than hard, it is highly strenuous.

We will finally reach the top. You will not believe you are there. It isn’t a part of this world, it’s heaven. You will see the exaggerating views Mt. Everest (8,848m), Gaurishankar (7,134m), Melungtse (7,181m), and many other peaks. Along with them, you will see the incredible Himalayan glaciers.

Trust me, the experience is mind-numbing. You will not believe what you see. You can click some pictures at the peak. After taking some pictures, we will start our descent to Tso Rolpa which is a beautiful high altitude glacial lake and also gives a wonderful view of the Langtang Himal (7,227m), Pachermo Himal (6,273m). During the night time, we will be able to see beautiful stars in the sky and is a perfect time for astrophotography.  Overnight at tented camp.

We will be trekking back to the base camp of Ramdung peak. At the end of a really long day, you will be satisfied with the journey. We will set the tents at the base camp and will stay overnight there.

Day 11: Trek from Base Camp to Na Gaon

From the base camp, we will trek back to Na village. You are not walking on this trail for the first time. Yet, you will feel like it’s all-new, so beautiful, and so amazing! After hours of trekking through the rugged Himalayan trails, we will reach Na village.

Walk around the village in the afternoon. You can witness the way of life of the people and can interact with the hospitable locals.

Day 12: Trek from Na Gaon to Do Gaon.

From Na, we will begin to trek down. The walk is as exciting as every other day’s. So, we will be walking through the amazingly beautiful Rolwaling valley and will trek to Do gaon. It is a small village with a few houses. We will stay overnight in our tents at the Do Gaon.

Day 13: Trek from Do Gaun to Simigaon.

We will start at around 7 am in the morning. Retracing the trails that we have already walked, we will trek to Simi Gaon. The trail is beautiful with several ascends and descends. Enjoy the amazing views around you while you walk back.

Overnight in Simi Gaon.

Day 14: Trek from Simi Gaon to Buung.

Today, from Simi Gaon, we will trek to a place called Buung. The trail is amazing. Enjoy every single moment on the trek. The trail is sometimes flat, sometimes there is an ascend whereas sometimes there is a descent. We will walk for many hours before we finally reach Buung. Overnight there.

Day 15: Trek from Buung to Chilangkha.

So, from Buung, we will trek to a place called Chilangkha today. We will have a nice morning breakfast at Buung before we leave for Chilangkha. The trail is beautiful with beautiful sceneries around. You will see green hills, lush jungles, splashing streams, rivers,m and waterfalls en route.

We will be walking for several hours over the rugged and remote trails before we reach Chilangkha. We will stay overnight there.


Day 16: Trek from Chilangkha to Bigu Gumba.

It’s already a beautiful morning in Chilangkha. We will wake up to see the beautiful morning views. We will have our breakfast and will tie our laces to start trekking. The trails are beautiful with refreshing surrounding views. We will be walking through the dusty trails and through moist forests.

We will be trekking to the Bigu Gumba. There is this incredibly beautiful monastery there. After reaching there, we will visit the monastery. In the evening, you will see the Lamas uttering the Buddhist chants and prayers. Visiting the monastery is spiritual.

We will stay overnight at Bigu Gumpa.


Day 17: Trek from Bigu Gompa to Tingsang-La.

It’s already been 20 days that we are on this incredible climbing journey. The days are as refreshing and rejoiceful. We will explore the beautiful monastery and its courtyard in the morning. After having breakfast, we will begin to trek.

Today, we will be crossing a pass, Tingsang la. The journey is beautiful. From the top of the pass, you will see wonderful panoramas of astonishing mountains, hills, valleys, and rivers. After hours of trekking, we will reach our campsite. We will stay there overnight.


Day 18: Trek from Tingsang la to Karthale

Today, we will be trekking from Tingsang la to Karthale. We are towards the end of our beautiful journey. Trekking through incredible villages and amazing trekking trails, we will reach Karthale. We will stay overnight at Karthale.


Day 19: Trek from Karthale to Barabise.

So, finally! It’s the last day of trekking today. From Karthale, we will be trekking to Barabise from where we can get a bus to Kathmandu tomorrow. We will be walking through spectacular views of untouched beauty and remoteness. Overnight in Barabise.


Day 20: Drive from Barabhise to Kathmandu.

Today is the last day of Ramdung peak climbing journey. We will drive on a bus to Kathmandu. After so many days of trekking and climbing, we will finally reach Kathmandu. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 21: Leisure day at Kathmandu. Go for Shopping and Sightseeing

Leisure day at Kathmandu followed by farewell dinner & celebration. You can ask your guide to take you on a sightseeing trip inside Kathmandu Valley. On this day you can go to the various museums around the valley including the Narayanhiti Museum which earlier used to be the residence of the last king of Nepal. You may also go to the hilltop of Nagarkot. After some sightseeing around the world heritage sites in the valley, you will have a farewell dinner and enjoy with your Nepali friends and guide. You might even make plans for extending your stay for Chitwan jungle safari, rafting activities, and more with your guide.

Day 22: Final Departure from Kathmandu

You will be picked from Hotel by representatives of Friendship World Trek staff and dropped at Tribhuvan International Airport with a hope to see you again.

Price Includes

  • Transportation: Return transfers from International and Domestic airports to your hotel.
  • Hotel stays: One night stay at the Hotel in Kathmandu 3 star categories
  • Entry fees: All government taxes and Everest National park entry fees.
  • TIMS CARD: (Trekking Information Management System).
  • Peak permit fees: Ramdung peak (5,925m) permits $250.
  • Garbage deposit.
  • Guide & porter: Required number of experienced English-speaking guides and support staff (we pay for their daily wages, insurances, trekking equipment, food, and accommodation).
  • Wages: 20 days guide wages including his insurances/meals and accommodation/insurances/equipment
  • Wages: 20 days porter (to carry your luggage) wages including his insurances/meals/accommodation/equipment
  • Accommodation: 17 nights mountain lodge accommodation (best available) with twin sharing basis on tea house services trek
  • Accommodation: Twin sharing lodge accommodation during the trek on tea house services and camping services.
  • Experiences Climbing guide Experience climbing guide during the climbing period & and his wages.
  • One night 2 days: Camping services during the climbing period and including your all meals (Lunch/dinner and breakfast).
  • Group climbing gears: required fixed and dynamic rope during the climbing period.
  • Climbing gear: climbing personal gears which we hire on Chhukung
  • Food: Climbing High food.
  • sleeping bag/warm down jacket and walking poles if necessary.
  • Domestic flight ticket guest: Kathmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu.
  • Domestic flight ticket guide: Kathmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu.
  • Digital pulse: Oximeters for high altitude check
  • Crampons: Snow walking crampons in mountains if necessary
  • Water purification tablets: unlimited Chlorine treated Safe Drinking water
  • Supplementary snacks: energy bars and cookies at base camp
  • Fruits: Seasonal fresh fruits where is possible
  • Local SIM CARD (NCELL), to return after the trek completed
  • Rescue arrangements: in the emergency situation & worst weather condition
  • Diamox: Additional medication for altitude sickness (Acetazolamide etc)
  • Map: Everest region trekking map
  • Rubbish disposal

Accommodation and meals: During tea house treks our guests pay for their food (breakfast/lunch/dinner) at the lodge while we provide guides/accommodation/necessary permits and transportation.

Climbing equipment: – (Warm down jackets, sleeping bags, warm trousers, koflach shoes, trekking shoes and sandals, perfectly fitting crampons, gaiters, jumar, gloves, sunglasses, headlight, helmet, harness belt, figure – 8.

Medical support: An emergency first aid kit is carried by the support staff at all times.

Water: Mineral waters are available at all stops during tea house treks. You can also use tap water if you choose to use water purification tablets.

Price Excludes

  • Meals: All meals (lunch/dinner/breakfast) in Kathmandu & on the trek
  • Snacks: chocolate/aerated drinks/mineral water/alcoholic drinks/nutria bars
  • Hotel stays: extra night hotel stay in Kathmandu
  • Tipping: end of the trek tips to guides and support staff
  • Rescue services: additional costs in case of emergency (You must have adequate medical & travel insurance to cover any kind of emergencies), including helicopter evacuation & hospitalization (medical test, medicine) if required
  • extra expenses: personal expenses and any other unforeseen expenses, such as bottle water/coca-cola/WIFI on trek/hot shower/electric device recharge
  • city visit: sightseeing in Kathmandu entrance fees/transportation/hire guide
  • Flight ticket: Your International flight ticket airfare & Nepal entry visa fees which travel visa can get up on your arrival in Kathmandu airport, On Arrival Visa Fee 15 Days – 30 USD, 30 Days – 50 USD, 90 Days – 125 USD
  • Services not mentioned herein
  • Personal trekking equipment
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