4Days Lobuche Peak Courses

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Trip Overview


Embarking on a 4days Lobuche Peak climbing courses also promises an exhilarating adventure in the heart of the Himalayas. This condensed yet intense expedition is tailored for those seeking a taste of mountaineering glory without committing to lengthy timeframes. Set against the stunning backdrop of Nepal's Khumbu region, the journey promises a memorable experience for both seasoned climbers and novices alike. The course designs to provide a comprehensive understanding of mountaineering essentials, honing skills crucial for peak ascents. Participants will delve into crucial aspects such as rope techniques, ice and rock climbing methods, high-altitude acclimatization, and safety measures. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, climbers will master the intricacies of gear usage and develop self-reliance in challenging alpine environments. Lobuche Peak stands as an ideal training ground, offering a moderate climb that balances the demands of technical proficiency and physical endurance. The ascent involves traversing glaciers, navigating crevasses, and scaling icy inclines, providing a well-rounded learning experience. The summit offers unparalleled panoramic views of nearby giants, including Everest and Lhotse, serving as a fitting reward for the rigorous training. Throughout the course, participants will not only cultivate practical mountaineering skills but also forge camaraderie with fellow climbers, sharing in the triumphs and challenges of the journey. The expedition fosters a sense of achievement and self-discovery as climbers push their boundaries and overcome obstacles. Despite its condensed timeline, safety remains paramount. Adequate acclimatization periods must integrate into the schedule to mitigate altitude-related risks. Moreover, the expert guidance of certified mountaineers ensures adherence to best practices, ensuring a secure experience.

Conclusion and Summary

As the 4Days Lobuche Peak climbing courses draws to a close, participants depart with newfound skills, unforgettable memories, and a genuine appreciation for the awe-inspiring Himalayan landscape in Nepal. This expedition serves as a stepping stone for those aiming to delve deeper into mountaineering or simply relish an unforgettable escapade amidst the world's highest peaks.

Trip Highlights

  • An affordable and budget-friendly scaling of Lobuche Peak (6119 meters)
  • Enjoying the magnificent view of different peaks of the Everest region
  • Exploring the authentic cultural tradition of Sherpa’s in high altitude
  • Gain a prior experience to scale higher altitudes
  • Ascent to the height of 6000 meters in a short timeframe
  • Khumbu Glacier


Day 01: Arrival at Lobuche (4930m)

Hello! Welcome to Lobuche. Our team will meet you here and join you in your journey to the top of 6119 meters. Today our team will discuss their plan to summit the Lobuche peak of the Everest region. They will inform you about the trail of the hike mentioning the safety measures that you will have to follow during the whole trek. They will also train you to use the mountaineering gears such as ice axe, ropes, crampons, etc. which might be needed in the technical portion of the climb. You will stay overnight at a teahouse or lodge in Lobuche.

Day 02: Trek to Lobuche High Camp (5400m)

You will start an early morning trek to the Lobuche Peak high camp after having some breakfast. Following a rocky and rugged trail, you will reach the Lobuche glacier where you will get the sight of beautiful snow-covered mountains like Ama Dablam, Kantega, Cholatse, etc. Crossing the base camp of Lobuche, you will continue your trekking journey through icy terrains using some mountaineering gears such as ropes, ice ax, crampons, etc. to reach the height of 5400 meters high camp of Lobuche.
After arriving at the Lobuche high camp, our crew will install the tents for an overnight stay and prepare your meal. You will need to take a rest after the long hike.

Day 03: Contingency Day

This is an optional day in your package. While traveling to such a high altitude of 6119 meters, it is likely for your body to take time to adjust to the changing environment. Hence, we suggest you acclimatize for a day before your ascent to the summit of Lobuche Peak. Also, in such high elevation, the weather condition is unpredictable so this day is available in case weather postpones our trip at any point.
This will be a rest day but you will roam around the area and practice some climbing skills for your summit to the peak the next day

Day 04: Lobuche Peak Summit (6119m) & Back to Below Camp (4252m) to Periche

Today is the day you will be setting your foot on the summit of Lobuche Peak (6119 meters. After some breakfast, you will head uphill with our team guiding you on the route. On the way, you will have to pass heavy snow, snowy wind, rocky paths, and steep walls using the mountaineering tools such as ropes, ice axes, crampons, etc. The trails near the summit are a little technical but the Sherpa guide of our team will navigate you the proper route as well as technique to overcome these challenges and fulfill your goal.
After a long trek, you will finally reach the top of Lobuche peak from where the panoramic scenery of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Pumori, Cholatse, Ama Dablam, and many other peaks are clearly visible. The magnificent panorama of these mountains and sense of accomplishment will make you forget all the exhaustion your body felt while making your journey to this destination. You will explore the area a little and click many pictures for memories.
After a while, you will head back to the high camp of Lobuche peak and then to Periche. This day will be a little sad as we will be parting our ways from here. Our team will bid you a farewell.

Price Includes

  • During peak climbing season, kitchen supplies, guest tents, dining tents, kitchen tents, bathroom tents, and mattresses
  • Snow bars, ice screws, and climbing rope.
  • Employees: 1 cook, 1 kitchen worker, 1 climbing guide, and 1 high camp assistant.
  • Insurance for Nepalese staff.
  • Equipment and  climbing guide’s fees
  • Permit for peak climbing
  • food from the high camp
  • Climbing equipment like rope and snow bars

Price Excludes

  • Personal gears
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tipping for staff
  • Extra expenses
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