Jan 18, 2021

Margaret Ng

I have engaged Lapka from ‘Friendship World Trek Pvt. Ltd’ a number of times over the years and each time, he has delivered in spades. I have found him to be very warm and sincere in his dealings with me. I have compared notes with some of my friends and not only are his packages competitively priced, he also flexible enough to entertain the whim and fancies of a capricious tourist. I can’t count all the times over these few trips that I have changed the itineraries at the last moment. My experiences with him have always been very good. You can always count on him to give you current information not found in guidebooks, which have enhanced my enjoyment of my trips. For an inexperienced trekker, like myself, he has also offered valuable advice on the things to pack and bring. I would definitely engage ‘Friendship World Trek Pvt. Ltd’ again for my future trips to Nepal and Bhutan.

Yours truly
Margaret Ng.