Jan 18, 2021

The food was fantastic and varied and obviously es

We descended from EBC and the air became richer, our thoughts as a group began to focus on the enormity of the task to get a large body of tourists from Kathmandu up to Base Camp and back. We were incredibly appreciative of the support that not only yourself, Karma and Pasang provided, but also that of the kitchen staff and porters, without whom we simply would not have been able to achieve our dream. On arrival at Kathmandu we were grateful to be greeted by you and again thankful to be given the opportunity to visit the local area and see the incredible vista of sights, from the Holy River and Hindu funerals ,to the Stupa and the surrounding area. As I said to you on the trail it is something that I will never forget and also something that I would like my own children to see in the years ahead. It was a fascinating start to the trip and a huge contrast to the days ahead from Lukla.

The food was fantastic and varied and obviously essential to keeping us moving, the washing water at each stage was again hugely appreciated. Keeping a group of tourists healthy and well fed is not
an easy task, especially as we progressed higher, but your team managed it with seemingly effortless enthusiasm, always cheerful and helpful despite, I am sure, their own hardships and sacrifices. Please pass on our thanks to all of the kitchen staff again.

Karma, as the man in front, was very aware of the correct pace with which to move our group and knew exactly when we were tired and in need of a rest. We were all incredibly humbled by the fact that when we stopped for lunch or tea, and indeed first thing every morning with tea, it was Karma who we saw, always cheerful. He put in a huge effort every day, from before we woke up, through every meal, to providing hot water, I am sure to long after we went to bed! Again we are all very grateful to him, and wish him many happy years as a Sherpa guide and beyond. He is a credit to Friendship World Treks and we would like the company to be aware of our gratitude.

Karma as Sirdar / Camp Sergeant was fantastic. His quiet manner was great to watch, without any fuss he managed to maintain the flawless efficiency of the whole team, with a quiet word everything was done quickly to make our whole trip a pleasure. Again, like Govinde, he worked from before we woke to after we went to bed. Serving food and tea, providing hot water, walking with us and much more. As with Govinde he is a credit to the company and we are hugely grateful.

As I mentioned above, you provided an absolutely flawless trip. There was not one thing that we could change in making this such a wonderful experience. Your approach and methods of dealing with not just the group, but the staff served to provide a great atmosphere every day. We were incredibly lucky to have had a guide of your caliber and we could have had a very different experience had we had a less capable and enthusiastic guide.

Everything from Day 1 when we went out for dinner, to arranging flights and transits to and from the airports, to presenting us with scarves when we left was hugely appreciated. On the trail we were
again really pleased to be given the chance to visit the Monasteries, Airstrips, Museums and Schools, which for us all were as important as reaching Base Camp. The best thing that I can say is that the journey was what made the trip and not the goal. I think that through your help, we had a much deeper experience of Nepal than we may have had with another company.

As I said above, you were, and are, a credit to your company and your country. You have given us an experience that we will never forget. Nepal is a fantastic country, one which has suffered huge hardships in recent times. The people have much less in material terms than the vast majority of Westerners, however they are on the whole much happier, despite this. I greatly look forward to returning in the future.

I wish you health and happiness for many years and once again, thank you for everything.