Mount Baruntse Expedition

Trip Duration 32
Max Altitude 7,129M
Group Size 2 to 20
Best Time for Visit March to May, Sep to February

Trip Overview


The Mount Baruntse Expedition offers a thrilling and challenging adventure for seasoned mountaineers seeking to conquer one of Nepal's formidable peaks. Standing at an impressive 7,129 meters (23,389 feet) above sea level, Baruntse also nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, within the stunning Khumbu region, not far from the iconic Mount Everest. The expedition typically begins in Kathmandu, where participants also meet their experienced guides and fellow climbers. After thorough preparations and equipment checks, the team embarks on a scenic flight to Lukla, the gateway to the Khumbu region. From Lukla, the arduous yet breathtaking trek to Baruntse Base Camp commences, passing through lush forests, picturesque Sherpa villages, and across suspension bridges that span yawning ravines. Upon reaching Base Camp, climbers also immerses in the rugged beauty of the surrounding peaks, and extensive acclimatization takes place over several days. The climb itself is technically demanding, requiring proficiency in ice and rock climbing. It encompasses steep slopes, crevasses, and challenging ridges, providing an exhilarating experience for even the most skilled climbers.

Conquering Mount Baruntse: A Test of Perseverance and Triumph

As the team ascends, they establish high camps, each one progressively closer to the summit. The climbing route demands careful navigation and the ability to adapt to changing weather conditions. From Camp 3 onwards, climbers may need to utilize supplementary oxygen due to the high altitude and thin air. The summit day is also a grueling but awe-inspiring push to the top. As the sun rises over the Himalayas, climbers are rewarded with panoramic views of Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and other neighboring giants. Standing atop Mount Baruntse is an unforgettable achievement and a testament to the climbers' perseverance and determination. After celebrating their triumph, the team carefully descends to Base Camp, where they reflect on their extraordinary journey. The return trek to Lukla and subsequent flight back to Kathmandu mark the conclusion of this remarkable expedition.

Conclusion and Summary

The Mount Baruntse Expedition is an ultimate test of physical and mental endurance, offering a unique opportunity to experience the majesty of the Himalayas while pushing the boundaries of mountaineering skills. It is a life-changing adventure for those who seek to conquer the heights of Nepal's mountains and create cherished memories to last a lifetime.

 Trip Highlight

  • Join a scenic Lukla flight and immerse yourself in the incredible views of the Himalayas.
  • Trek via picturesque landscapes of the Everest Region.
  • Explore the unfrequented side of the region as Hongu Valley.
  • Trek via many rural Sherpa villages witnessing the distinct culture and lifestyles.
  • Dwell in the fresh and pure vegetation of the region.
  • Enjoy mesmerizing views of valleys, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, peaks, and vistas.
  • A good peak for first time 7000m peak climbers
  • The cultural delights of the Khumbu Valley
  • Approach to the peak from the unspoiled Arun Valley
  • A Beautiful blend of several Himalayan landscapes
  • Well-designed approach for acclimatization
  • Summit views show the beautiful Barun valley
  • Boost your mental confidence and climbing prowess for 8000ers.
  • Experience trekking and mountaineering in Nepal, two of the best things about Nepal.
  • A rich biodiversity of flora and fauna in the Barun valley


 30 min Drive  Hotel/Resort

Welcome to Nepal for the Baruntse Expedition! As you arrive at Kathmandu Airport, our team will receive you. You will receive a warm welcome from our lovely team. Then you will steer towards your hotel in the city and do check-in. The team will leave you at the hotel as you must take some rest after the flight.

When you rejuvenate, we will meet again for an evening stroll and a welcome dinner. It is our norm to welcome our guests. While we eat together, we will also talk about ourselves and the Baruntse Expedition. It is a great way of introduction. After dinner, you will return to the hotel for the night.



Click here for detailed information about World Heritage Sites of UNESCO in Kathmandu 

On the second day of the trip, we will indulge in Kathmandu sightseeing. The city is dotted with must-see UNESCO sites. A sightseeing tour in the city will accommodate you in the country more before the expedition.

We will tour Pashupatinath- a sacred shrine; Bouddhanath Stupa– a quaint Buddhist stupa; and Kathmandu Durbar Square– a square full of temples. If time permits, we may visit other world heritage sites like Patan Durbar Square, Monkey Temple.

After the tour, we will meet the expedition team to discuss the expedition. The team will arrange all the necessary permits and climbing gear. You will do some last-minute shopping for the trek.


 45 minutes flight & 4-5 hrs Trek  Lodge

Flight Duration: 45 minutes

Trek Duration: 5 hours

The adventure will kick off now. Like most Everest region trips, we will start the Baruntse Expedition with a scenic Lukla flight. The flight will be around 30-40 minutes, during which we will view the amazing Himalayas and Nepal. Soon, the aircraft will touch the runway of Tenzing Hillary Airport, a famous airport. After arriving, we will stop at a teahouse for breakfast.

We will begin the trek up to Chhuthang after breakfast and a break. We will stroll via green pasture and vegetation areas. It will feel great to walk on a peaceful and lush trail. During the walk, we will also pass some local & rural hamlets. We should arrive in Chhuthang after 5 hours of strolling. Overnight in a teahouse.


5-6 hrs Trek  Lodge

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Promptly after breakfast, we’ll begin our hike to Thuli Kharka, which is doable in around 5-6 hours. It follows a steep path and several ups & downs. We will trek uphill to reach Zatrawala Pass(4,600m).

Staying there for a while, we will relish views of Karyolang Peak, Numbur Himal, Kong Ri, and several others. Thuli Kharka is one straight descent from the pass. It should not be that hard. We will trek gradually to reach the place for the night. Overnight in a teahouse.


 6-7 hrs Trek  Lodge

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Now we will put Thuli Kharka behind us and move ahead toward Kothe. To do so, we will begin by walking via a lush forest dotted with juniper, pine, oak, and rhododendron. We will also picture amazing mountains along the walk ahead.

Gradually, we will head down to the riverbed of the Hinku River. From the river, we will be traversing the scenic Hinku Valley. Our destination, which lies west of the valley, will come shortly. We will call it a day in a teahouse.


 4-5 hrs Trek  Lodge

Thangnak Altitude:[4326m/14189ft]

Trek Distance: 5.2 km

We will wake up to a mesmerizing view of Kothe village. After breakfast, we will continue the walk to Thangnak. We will pass along the Hinku River for a while before reaching Gondishung. Then our path will cross the Lungsumgba Gompa, a primitive Buddhist shrine.

Slowly, the route will begin to climb upwards, leaving the Hinku River. We will trek gently on the trail. As we gain heights, we will catch the satisfying sights of Kusum Kanguru Peak, Mera Peak, and others. The trail will get a bit straightforward now as we pass via the scenic pastures of Thangnak. Thangnak is close to there. We will reach the village for the night in a teahouse.


5-6 hrs Trek  Lodge

Trek Duration: 5 hours

On this day of the Baruntse Expedition, we will touch the 5000m by reaching Khare. We will start our walk by marching above the Hinku River. Soon, we will be trekking above Shar Glacier too. We will acknowledge the altitude and trek gradually. There will be amazing views to enjoy.

We will keep trekking further up to Khare to admire the great views. Mera Peak looks fantastic! In this manner, we will arrive in Khare, a beautiful village. We will explore it before dusk. Overnight in a teahouse.


1 day rest  Lodge

It is time to leave our backpacks in our teahouse and rest. We are already above 5000m. Thus, we should also acclimatize to the high elevation. A free day in Khare is the perfect way to do so. Without any pressure, we will do a short hike to Mera Glacier. We will trace the glacier through a steep path. It will also prepare for the upcoming climb. We will explore the area and retrace Khare. Overnight in the teahouse in Khare.


4-5 hrs Trek  Tented Camp

Trek Duration: 5 hours

We will leave Khare by climbing a sharp steep climb above the Mera Glacier. The road from Khare to Mera La Pass is around 3 miles. However, the steep path will take more time and energy. We will climb slowly and carefully. Several hours of steep walk will take us to the top of the ridge. We can enjoy unparalleled views of the surrounding place.

The path from the top to Mera La Pass is snowy. We will have to use crampons and basic climbing gear. Shortly, we will reach Mera La Pass. Our team will set up a tented camp. Overnight in the tented camp.


5-6 hrs Trek  Tented Camp

After breakfast in the tented camp, we will trek towards Seto Pokhari. The walk will begin with an uphill climb. Right across, we will reach a meadow area, a yak pasture. We will enjoy the views of rising peaks and higher valleys. From there, we will trek more and reach Seto Pokhari, a place of lakes and mountains. We will have a good rest in the place. Overnight in a tented camp.


 4-5 hrs Trek  Tented Camp

Now, we will move towards Baruntse Base Camp on the Baruntse Expedition. It will be a demanding day as we will cross rugged terrain. We will be trekking for around 5 hours from the lake area. We have to trek slowly as we are regularly heading up. The base camp is located at 5,300m meters. By passing gently via rough boulders, we will reach the camp. A tented camp will be our roof for the night.


 12 days climbing towards Mt. Barunste  Tented Camp

The real journey begins here as we leave the base camp. We will do ups and downs on the trail to acclimatize for several days. Our climbing guide will lead us the way and preach things. We will follow them along the snowy and steep path.

With praying rituals at the base camp, we will start the Mt Baruntse climb. The walk will progress on an inclining snowy slope and over Hinku Glacier. We will have to use ladders to cross the crevasses coming upfront. We will reach the high camp area by doing it the guide’s way.

From High Camp, the climb will get steeper and more exposed. The walk could be more technical around here. But we must be aware of snowstorms, which is normal here. We will climb the path to Baruntse’s summit (7,162m). As a reward from the peak, we will embrace awe-inspiring views of Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Everest, and more. We will also view glaciers and pristine lakes.

When finishing the watch, we will gradually descend via the snowy crest and drop to the base camp. After returning from the summit, we will spend a night in the base camp.


3-4 hrs Trek  Tented Camp

We will begin cleaning our trash the next morning after arriving at the base camp. It is our utmost responsibility to clean the garbage. We will collect the garbage and manage it. After the cleaning, we will descend up to Seto Pokhari, a place of lakes. The trek is easier than the last few days. We will reach Seto Pokhari after 3-4 hours of trekking. Our day will end in a tented camp at Seto Pokhari.


 5-6 hrs Trek  Tented Camp

Maximum Altitude (Mera La Pass): [5,415m/17,766ft]

Following breakfast, we will begin moving towards Mera La Pass. The walk to the pass is steeper than the last day. We will be retracing the path the other way. We will reach the Mera La Pass by seeing the same views of the Khumbu Region. The mountains will be visible once again. Overnight in a teahouse.


 6-7 hrs Trek  Lodge

Thangnak Altitude:[4326m/14189ft]

We will begin the day with a mesmerizing view from the top. Soon we will eat breakfast and continue retracing our path. The walk will start with a gentle uphill from the Mera La Pass. Shortly, we will embark on a descending trail that brings us back to Thangnak village. We will pass the Khare village around midway. Upon reaching Thangnak, we will take a sleepful rest.

Trek Duration: 4-5 hrs

Starting the day with a warm breakfast and glimpses of splendid view, we’ll continue the Baruntse Expedition. The trek begins with an uphill walk via Mera La Pass, which provides magnificent scenery of alpine valleys and gleaming snow peaks, including Baruntse, Haling, and Makalu. We keep descending the trail from above the pass and through the beautiful village of Khare to arrive at Thangnak.

Meals: All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


 4-5 hrs Trek  Lodge

After eating breakfast, we will leave Thangnak village for Kothe. Our walk will be easy; it is mostly downhill. We will gently descend to a Sherpa hamlet. The path winds downward along the hill. Ahead, we will also cross a lush forest of Pine and Oaks. Listening to the chirps of birds and the forest’s healing sound, we will return to Kothe, a lovely village with an amazing backdrop. Overnight in the village.

5-6 hrs Trek  Lodge

With a gentle uphill walk, we will depart from Kothe in the fresh dawn. We will cross a lush area along the path, experiencing true nature. After a while, we will trek across the western side of Hinku Valley, where Thuli Kharka lies. Unlike the past few days, we will gain some altitude on this day. We will be trekking uphill to reach Thuli Kharka. As we reach the Thuli Kharka, we will see outstanding views of Mera Central, Mera Peak, and other peaks. Overnight in Thuli Kharka.


 5-6 hrs Trek  Lodge

It is the final day of trekking the Baruntse Expedition, where we retrace Lukla. We will begin by climbing a ridge, Kalo Himal. After the climb, we will ascend another hill to reach and cross Zatrawala Pass. Like before, we will have a mesmerizing panorama.

After the pass, our trek will drop down to Chhutang. The path will lower further until we reach Lukla. We will have to pass some rugged sections and deep forests. As it is the last walking day, we will try to walk with a full heart. Ultimately, we will finish the walk in Lukla and celebrate it with a good drink and rest.


 30 min flight  Hotel/Resort

Flight Duration: 35 minutes

Following an exciting return from Baruntse Expedition to Lukla, we shall prepare for the Kathmandu flight. We will leave the beautiful palace after breakfast. We will view amazing landscapes, woods, and mountains as the flight takes off. It will be some special 35 minutes. Shortly, we will land in Kathmandu. We will head to our hotel and throw all our backpacks and things to destress. The remaining time be free in Kathmandu. Overnight in the hotel.


As the Baruntse Expedition finishes here, our team will transfer you to the airport for departure. We will offer a lovely farewell. With many good memories of the Baruntse Expedition, you will sail toward your home.

Departures & Availability

The set departure dates listed are specially quoted and specified for group joining option. Let us know if the set departure dates are not suitable for you- another dates which are suitable for you can certainly be added by us.

Check Available Dates
Start Date Price Availability

All trip prices are per person based on double occupancy, are subject to change without notice and do not include airfare. All prices and fares are quoted in U.S. dollars.

Price include

  • Airport Arrival Departure transfer as per mentioned in Itinerary.
  • 4-star hotel in Kathmandu with BB Plan.
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu with an experienced city guide, all entrance fees and private vehicle.
  • All essential ground transportation by Private Vehicle – as mentioned in Itinerary.
  • Well-versed Government licensed, trained, and experienced guide (03 Times Everest Summiteers Climbing/Expedition Guide) including a team leader (Sherpa) to lead each expedition group.
  • Guests traveling with us will be allotted 60 kg of personal climbing gear during onboarding and expedition that will be carried by porter, yaks, and mules.
  • The package cost includes the Mount Baruntse regular route climbing royalty and the climbing permit issued by the Nepal Government (Department of Tourism).
  • Pass for the exploration of Makalu Barun National Park, a renowned national park in Nepal that hosts 25 species of rhododendron, 56 species of rare plants, and 47 species of orchids. High-altitude wildlife like musk deer, wild boar, red panda, and snow leopard are the highlights of this vastly bio-diversed national park.
  • All essential Trekking permits and National Park fees.
  • Kathmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu Flight.
  • Tea House and Camping accommodation during Trekking and Climbing period.
  • All meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during trekking and climbing period.
  • One client = one climbing sherpa
  • Required number of porters, and kitchen staff for camping.
  • All essential camping equipment – Dining tent, toilet tent, store tent, table – chair for an expedition.
  • Liaison officer.
  • All staff’s salary, food, clothing, and insurance.
  • Essential climbing gears for the expedition.
  • One oxygen cylinder per client.
  • Solar panel for batteries charging & lighting in base camp.
  • Charging alternative (generator) at a higher altitude where solar charging may not be much effective.
  • Handbook and guide map to learn more about the expedition and not-to-miss landmarks of the region.
  • Satellite Phone (Need to pay as per usages per minute).
  • Welcome and farewell dinner in Kathmandu.
  • All the costs have been accounted for in the package (including service charges, vat, tax, and government expenses). Our guests will not be liable for any hidden expenses.

Price Excludes

  • Personal Climbing gear.
  • Your climbing insurance.
  • package doesn’t include the expenses of an international flight ticket and a Nepali tourist visa.
  • Bar and Beverage bills.
  • All personal nature expenses.
  • Employment of extra crew members, use of extra services, and other personal expenses will not be covered by the package.
  • TIPS for staff.
  • Refundable garbage deposit.
  • The allotted sum of US$700 as a summit bonus for the successful conquest of the peak alongside Sherpa Guides, a law set by the Mountaineering Association and Department and Department of Tourism.
  • Extra expenses incurred due to natural disasters, political disturbances, or changes in government regulations.

Gears And Equipment

Trip Information

Mount Baruntse is a majestic peak located in the Himalayas, in the Solu-Khumbu region of Nepal. Standing at an elevation of 7,129 meters (23,389 feet), it is one of the most popular mountains for climbing in the region.

To embark on a Mount Baruntse expedition, you would need to be an experienced mountaineer with previous experience of climbing high-altitude mountains. The expedition typically lasts for around 30 days, including travel and acclimatization time.

Here are the general steps for a Mount Baruntse expedition:

  1. Obtain permits: You will need to obtain a permit from the Nepalese government to climb Mount Baruntse. You will also need to hire a licensed guide and a team of Sherpas to assist you during the climb.
  2. Arrival in Kathmandu: Most expeditions start from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. You will meet your guide and Sherpa team and receive a briefing about the climb.
  3. Travel to Lukla: From Kathmandu, you will take a flight to Lukla, a small town in the Everest region. This is the starting point for the trek to Mount Baruntse.
  4. Trek to Base Camp: You will trek for several days through the beautiful mountainous landscape, crossing rivers and passing through small villages on your way to Baruntse Base Camp.
  5. Acclimatization: Once you reach Base Camp, you will spend several days acclimatizing to the altitude. This involves hiking to higher elevations and then returning to Base Camp to sleep.
  6. Set up high camps: You will set up several high camps along the route to the summit. These camps will serve as your resting places during the climb.
  7. Summit push: Once you are fully acclimatized and the weather conditions are favorable, you will attempt to summit Mount Baruntse. This will involve a long and strenuous climb, often taking several days, depending on the weather and other factors.
  8. Return to Base Camp: After successfully summiting the peak, you will return to Base Camp and eventually trek back to Lukla, where your expedition will come to an end.

Mount Baruntse is a challenging peak, but it rewards those who take on the challenge with stunning views and a sense of achievement that few other experiences can match. However, as with any high-altitude mountaineering, it’s important to prioritize safety and to always follow the guidance of your guide and Sherpa team.

Baruntse Expedition Route Map



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