Jan 18, 2021

Terra Daugirda Pressler(Writer) & John Pressler Da

To whom it may concern:

This letter is written to recommend Lakpa Tamang of ‘Friendship World Trek Pvt. Ltd’ highly and without any reservation as a guide. Lakpa served as guide for us while on a three-week trek in the Everest region during November and December, 1988. We were thoroughly delighted with his abilities, warmth, good humor and knowledge of the area. In a word, he took very good care of us. His integrity is impeccable, his prices extremely reasonable and he consistently acted in a competent and professional manner. He is also a kind and cheery soul who kept our sprits up.
We recommend Lakpa very highly as a guide and use trek from his company in future.

Yours very truly,
Terra Daugirda Pressler, Assistant Professor & Writer
John P. Daugirda, Attorney & Photographer